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Wolff still thinks every day of the lost world title in 2021

Wolff still thinks every day of the lost world title in 2021

15-08-2022 09:28 Last update: 10:56


Toto Wolff still thinks about the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix every day. He revealed this in an interview with Motorsport.com More than half a year after the much-discussed race.

For Wolff, it is still a nightmare from which he can wake up at night. The last lap of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP. Lewis Hamilton seemed to have secured his eighth world title, but a spectacular finale with a safety car giving Max Verstappen another chance, it still fell the other way.

Verstappen as champion

Mercedes and Wolff were furious with Michal Masi and the FIA after the race and although Verstappen will never lose his title again, Wolff still has sleepless nights about it. ''I still think about it every day,'' the Mercedes team boss stated in conversation with the Medium. ''But I am at peace with Max's championship, he is the deserved champion.''

For Wolff and consorts, the way the final went was not fair. Masi interpreted the regulations in a different way than was fair in Mercedes' eyes, and the team still stands by that opinion. ''I think I am attached to fairness, especially in the sporting arena. On that day, that was completely overturned," Wolff concludes.