Marko explains dismissal of Vips

Marko explains dismissal of Vips

14 August - 20:36


Helmut Marko explained to Motorsport-Total Marko has given an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the sacking of Jüri Vips. The Red Bull Racing advisor is not happy with the British press, but he also doesn't understand why the current drivers are enjoying themselves with gaming. According to the Austrian, the drivers should spend their free time usefully, just like Max Verstappen.

In June, Vips was sacked as a Red Bull junior after using the N-word during a livestream. The driver was allowed to keep his place in Formula 2, but this was met with widespread criticism. Marko says the English press unleashed a 'shitstorm' that left Red Bull with no choice but to sack him. However, the consultant does not understand the storm of criticism the driver has received and says Vips is 21 years old and has apologised.

Verstappen an example

Besides the support, there is also criticism of the Formula 2 driver. Marko is annoyed by the fact that it happened while playing a video game. To the advisor it looks like they have nothing better to do with a free afternoon. He would rather see the drivers spend their time differently and takes Verstappen as an example, who always has a simulator with him and easily runs a virtual race with his simulator team after a race.

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