Several team bosses: 'We have a lot of confidence in the FIA and FOM'

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Several team bosses share their views on andretti's admission
8 May at 13:00
  • Sandy van Wijngaarden

Mario Andretti, in the fight to get Andretti into Formula 1, visited the US Congress in Washington himself in person. This congress then sent a letter to FOM, accusing several F1 teams of anti-competitive behaviour, among other things. Several team bosses responded to these accusations in Miami.

Andretti is all too keen to join Formula 1. The FIA was also keen to see this happen, but it was the FOM and several F1 teams that did not like it. The reasons given were that it was uncertain whether Andretti would be competitive and that the teams would rather not share the prize money with another team. Meanwhile, it has become clear that the Americans have started to take Andretti's rejection even more seriously. Indeed, the United States House Committee on the Judiciary has since also sent a letter to Formula 1 management.

What do F1 team bosses think of the situation surrounding Andretti?

McLaren CEO Zak Brown is not so bothered by these allegations. "I saw it. I didn't follow it that closely. I think we've all been on planes getting here while it's happened. I think Formula One and the FIA have both taken their positions, and they don't seem to be changing. So I think we'll just have to wait and see. And as I think all the teams have said, we don't have a vote in that matter." Mike Krack, Aston Martin's team boss, confirmed that the F1 teams have no say in this.

James Vowles, the team boss at Williams, says he trusts the FIA and FOM. "I'm not overly familiar with the U.S. judicial system. What I can state is there was a due course and process completed by the FIA and FOM. And as Zak says, we don't have a say in any of that. So any more than that, I can simply read like everyone else has online." Visa Cash App RB team boss Laurent Mekies agrees. "What matters is that there is a strong process in place with the FIA, with FOM. We trust them. They have all the elements to make the right call. And therefore, we are. Simply, carefully looking at what they are deciding."