Vasseur explains why Ferrari are bringing updates at Imola

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Vasseur explains choice of updates at Imola
8 May at 20:00

Ferrari are bringing updates for the SF-24 for the first time for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Coincidence that these are being introduced precisely at Imola, or was the race at their own circuit deliberately chosen? Frederic Vasseur explains.

"When you are doing the development, it's not that we want to bring something in Imola because it's in Italy," Vasseur revealed after the Miami Grand Prix. "We are pushing for the development. And as soon as we are ready, we are producing parts. The fact that Imola is close to the factory, it's also helping to bring something because we can release the parts a bit later."

What to expect from the Ferrari updates

"But it was nothing to do with Italy. And then again on this, we don't have to expect that it will be a game changer, but it's so tight that this can bring performance."

Ferrari are reportedly already testing the new updates at the Fiorano circuit. There, Ferrari would use a filming day, allowing it to drive 200 kilometres with this season's car. This test would take place next Thursday and Friday.

While Vasseur is trying to temper expectations around the update package, the team seems to be coming up with a pretty big update after all. The test at Fiorano would be scheduled to test the 'B-spec' of the SF-24. McLaren came out with a sizeable update package in Miami. The British formation brought ten updates to America and seemed to make a big step in performance.