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Sainz on Leclerc partnership: 'Great guy to get on with'

Sainz on Leclerc partnership: 'Great guy to get on with'

13 August - 09:11 Last update: 09:25


It is a relief for Carlos Sainz that he has Charles Leclerc as a teammate. The Spaniard gets along very well with Leclerc and stresses in conversation with Formula1.com that this is an important reason why Ferrari is performing well this year.

Whereas Leclerc made the switch to Ferrari back in 2019, it was Sainz's turn only two years later. Last season, both men were barely able to fight for wins, but this had little to do with the duo. The Ferrari car was simply not fast enough to compete at the front.

Sainz enjoys working with Leclerc

That's not the case this year. The Italian team is working hard to take the fight to Red Bull Racing, but the team is still lacking in many areas. Sainz is confident that he and Leclerc are still capable of great things.

"It’s always a great reference to have in the team, a great guy to get on with," Sainz stressed. "A guy that I really have learned a lot from in the past few years and a guy that I look forward to having as a team mate for the future."

Sainz notes that he and Leclerc often have similar opinions, making it easy for both men to work together. They would not always be serious: they would also have the same interests on a private level.

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