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Ferrari still hopes: 'Technically at a very high level'

Ferrari still hopes: 'Technically at a very high level'

13 August - 08:25 Last update: 08:32


Ferrari has a car at its disposal with which it can fight for the world title. However, the gap to their competitor Red Bull Racing is huge. It is a situation that Hans-Joachim Stuck did not see coming, he tells in an interview with Eurosport.

The former Formula 1 driver believes that the Italian team has produced an excellent car. He therefore finds it incomprehensible that the team has not been able to get more out of its performance and compete with Max Verstappen.

"We know that at Ferrari there is always 'Grande Casino'. But this year there was already a lot of 'casino'," Stuck stated. "As long as the title is mathematically possible for them, you can't write off Ferrari. But the basis is that it stops making mistakes. Technically, they are at a very high level."

Verstappen has good season with Red Bull

According to Stuck, the current standings also have to do with the feeling at Red Bull and Verstappen. The Dutchman is seemingly feeling good in his car, which he believes is therefore having a positive effect on his performance. For Charles Leclerc the exact opposite would apply.

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