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Zhou relieved after Silverstone crash: 'I thought I was pretty OK'

Zhou relieved after Silverstone crash: 'I thought I was pretty OK'

12 August - 13:57 Last update: 14:35


Guanyu Zhou has had a turbulent first half year. While the Alfa Romeo driver had to get used to the level of Formula 1, he also experienced a heavy crash in Great Britain. The Chinese driver still looks back on the incident with relief, he told Motorsportmagazine.com.

During the start, Zhou lost control and his car ended upside down, so the driver could do nothing else than wait in his car. In the interview with the publication, Zhou indicates that this was a difficult moment for him.

"Basically I released my hands from the steering wheel and I was waiting – because I was conscious I was just waiting for the last hit," Zhou explained. "That’s not what drivers want because the last hit is the one you know could break the bones or do whatever sort of damage, so when you’re just waiting for that it is probably not the nicest thing to think of. But once it happened I thought I was pretty OK."

Zhou's relief prevails

Despite the situation, Zhou suffered no permanent damage from the crash, allowing him to return to racing at the next Grands Prix. However, he still thinks about the moment often, he admits. Although it was a nerve-racking moment for him, he is mainly happy that it ended well.

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