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Horner gives F1 benefit of the doubt: 'It's right on the limit'

Horner gives F1 benefit of the doubt: 'It's right on the limit'

11 August - 15:25 Last update: 15:34


The 2022 Formula One season will feature no less than 22 Grands Prix. Two more race weekends seem to be coming up this calendar year, which will make the teams even busier. Christian Horner warns in conversation with Sky Sports the Formula 1 organisation about the situation.

While the drivers and teams are enjoying their holidays, the organisation is working hard to launch the new calendar soon. With Las Vegas as a new venue, the programme will look different. Horner thinks that is partly a good thing.

"When you talk about 24 weekends out of 52 in a year, it does feel too much," admits the Red Bull Racing team boss honestly. "But then when you look at the venues that are coming in, you think ‘Ok, I’d definitely go an extra weekend for Vegas.'"

Horner satisfied with Formula 1 for now

Horner has noticed within his formation that it is becoming increasingly difficult to plan for the workers, which is why he believes Formula 1 must continue to look critically at the crowds. For the time being, however, Horner believes it is still doable. "It’s right on the limit," the Briton said.

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