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Are Sainz and Leclerc part of Ferrari problem? Great drivers'

Are Sainz and Leclerc part of Ferrari problem? Great drivers'

11 August - 14:53 Last update: 15:31


Ferrari still seem to have the best car this season, but in both the Constructors' and World Championships the Italians are behind Red Bull Racing. Cesare Fiorio, therefore, sees that something needs to change within the team, although he tells the Spanish AS that he also sees good aspects.

The former Ferrari director is very impressed with the qualities of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Although both men have been caught out by personal mistakes on several occasions this season, Fiorio is convinced that they are capable of winning the World Championship.

"Ferrari has two great drivers. For me they are in the top five," Fiorio stressed in the interview. "Charles is incredibly fast in qualifying and Carlos is fabulous in the race. Sainz and Leclerc are capable of winning the world championship."

Problems at Ferrari not yet solved

For now, there are other conclusions to be drawn at the Italian formation. While Ferrari often manages to beat rival Red Bull in qualifying, it often goes wrong in the race due to wrong strategies or mistakes made by the drivers.

Fiorio points out that Ferrari needs to work on solving the problems, but he also thinks the team needs to look at the positive parts. "It is clear that something is wrong at Ferrari. Things are going wrong. They have to get to the bottom of it."

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