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Hamilton combative with Mercedes: 'We're not giving up'

Hamilton combative with Mercedes: 'We're not giving up'

10 August - 07:51 Last update: 09:32


Lewis Hamilton is having a difficult season with Mercedes. Whereas he has been a contender for the world title since 2014, this year he has to settle for a place in the sub-top of the driver field. However, this is not the first time Hamilton has had to fight back with his team.

The seven-time world champion is now one of the most experienced drivers in Formula 1. In conversation with Formula1.com he stresses that he has been through a lot in his life and that he is not easily scared by problems that come along.

At the start of the current season, Mercedes proved unable to keep up with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, partly due to the problem with porpoising that occurred. It even resulted in Hamilton and his teammate George Russell qualifying with difficulty to start the race in the top ten.

Hamilton looks back on McLaren period

In his time at Mclaren, however, Hamilton also experienced several difficult moments. He points to 2009 among others. In that year his team also started disappointingly, but managed to fight back. "I remember getting in the car in Portimão I think it was and it was horrendous to drive," says Hamilton.

However, the driver sees his team working extremely hard. "It’s impressive to see a group of people just continuously not giving up. I think we haven't made that big step that we made in 2009 [yet]. We’re not giving up, we're staying pedal to the metal."

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