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Perez sees world title slipping away: here's why

Perez sees world title slipping away: here's why

9 August - 16:08 Last update: 17:12


It was after his win at Monaco that Sergio Perez was really a serious contender for the world title. But during the summer break, the world looks very different for Red Bull Racing's Mexican: He is 85 points behind teammate Max Verstappen.

The world title for Perez in 2022? It seems impossible. And it could have been so different, the Mexican thinks. Speaking to Autosport.com Perez says that after the summer break everything is still open, but that three DNF's have put a stop to him for now. According to him, the DNF's in Bahrain, Canada and Austria have ruined his season.

Big difference with Verstappen

Perez started the season extremely strongly, with his first pole in Saudi Arabia and victory on the streets of Monaco. But the more Red Bull developed the car, the harder it became for Perez. In recent weeks the difference between him and Verstappen has been huge.

All in all Perez looks back on a - according to him - very good first half of the season. The Mexican says he is not finished with this season and will keep working hard to keep up with what he sees as the faster Ferrari's after the summer break.

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