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Brundle questions Vettel's plans: 'F1 looks relentlessly forward'

Brundle questions Vettel's plans: 'F1 looks relentlessly forward'

09-08-2022 12:27 Last update: 14:34


Sebastian Vettel will retire from the sport in 2023 after sixteen Formula One seasons. The German has new goals and will focus on them. Sky Sports analyst Martin Brundle questions the feasibility of Vettel's plans.

Just before the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend, Vettel appeared on social media. For a long time, the Heppenheimer was the only driver on the grid and one of the few top sportsmen in the world who did not use social media. On his new Instagram profile, Vettel posted a video announcing his retirement. The Aston Martin driver wants to spend more time with his family and wants to work for the climate and society. His ideals were no longer compatible with Formula 1.

Will Vettel be forgotten soon?

Brundle thinks that Vettel will have a harder time than he thinks with any activist initiatives. The Brit expects that Vettel will quickly lose attention when he is no longer driving in F1. Brundle wrote to SkySports.com: "Sebastian wants to put time into family life and no doubt into other initiatives and causes he has been involved in over the last few seasons. Although he already had 2.1 million followers on Instagram on day one, he will find it difficult to maintain attention and a springboard without the world stage of F1. The game looks relentlessly forward. How many times has anyone mentioned Kimi Raikkonen this year, for example?"

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