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FIA agrees on new engine regulations for 2026

FIA agrees on new engine regulations for 2026

9 August - 07:51 Last update: 08:46


The FIA confirmed on Monday that it has sent the new regulations surrounding the porpoising problem to the World Motor Sport Council for approval for 2023. The same goes for the new engine regulations for 2026.

Dutch Formula 1 commentator Olav Mol says on Twitter that there are five important points in the new regulations. Firstly, there will be a budget cap for the engines with the exception of the new manufacturers. They will get financial and operational exemptions.

The technical differences between the old and new engines would be smaller than originally thought, allowing the existing engine manufacturers to carry over important points from their current power unit to 2026. The newcomers, however, will have to develop a completely new power unit in a short space of time, which will require them to spend more money.

Planning for 2026 engine regulations

It seems that Porsche and Audi will make their entrance into Formula 1 in 2026. Audi is said to be interested in buying Sauber, while it now seems almost certain that Porsche will join forces with Red Bull Racing. Due to a disclosure obligation, it was revealed that the brand will take over fifty per cent of the shares in Red Bull's programme, but we are still waiting for an official confirmation of the partnership.

In addition, the MGU-H will disappear due to its cost and complexity. Fourthly, the contribution of the internal combustion engine (ICE) and the hybrid engine will become approximately 50/50 instead of 75/25. Finally, carbon-free fuels will become mandatory.

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