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Piastri can expect lawsuit from Alpine: 'We invested millions in him'

Piastri can expect lawsuit from Alpine: 'We invested millions in him'

8 August - 17:43 Last update: 20:09


After Fernando Alonso's sudden departure, Alpine had hoped to put Oscar Piastri in the car, but all indications are that the young talent already has a deal in hand with McLaren. However, Alpine will not be satisfied with that, explains team boss Otmar Szafnauer

Szafnauer stressed that Alpine had invested a lot in Piastri's career and that he would have expected a little more loyalty in return. "There has to be some loyalty in return for the fact that we literally invested millions and millions of euros to prepare him [for Formula 1]," the team boss said in conversation with El Confidencial. He adds that there is still a place for Piastri in the team's long-term vision.

Alpine considers legal action against Piastri

Alpine is convinced it has the right to force Piastri's appointment as a permanent F1 driver. If that does not work out and the Australian is racing for McLaren in 2023, the team is considering legal action. Szafnauer stressed that Alpine put the driver in a single-seater last year, in which he covered 3,500 kilometres.

"We did seven independent tests with him and that is not cheap at all," the Alpine boss continued. "We spent a lot, a lot of money on Piastri to prepare him for the future. And if that future is not given to us, it is logical and fair that we demand compensation."

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