Wolff hits out at Marko over Pirelli conspiracy claim

15-05-2018 19:54
by Jake Williams-Smith
Wolff hits out at Marko over Pirelli conspiracy claim

Toto Wolff has slammed Helmut Marko's claims that Pirelli made changes to compounds at the sole request of Mercedes. Pirelli brought tyres to the Spanish Grand Prix that were 0.4mm thinner than the usual compounds used so far this year over fears of heat degradation being a threat to safety.

Marko claimed that Mercedes' influence over the Italian manufacturer was the sole reason of the mid-season change that culminated in a plethora of conspiracy theories being spouted after the culmination of the weekend and Lewis Hamilton took victory.

"The tyres were changed at the request of Mercedes. When you're a team and a manufacturer at the same time, you can do that," Marko said

We produce energy drinks. Of course we cannot influence as much compared to a maker of passenger cars."

Wolff however dismissed any claims entirely.

"It's not the first time the doctor sees ghosts.

"There were problems with blistering on the tyres in the winter tests, even at Red Bull. The rears looked like a volcanic landscape. So Pirelli improved them. It's bad for business if tyres explode.

I think it looks weak if you have a bad weekend and complain. First and foremost, we look at ourselves for our problems."

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