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Deadline approaches for Andretti: '2024 will be very tight now'.

Deadline approaches for Andretti: '2024 will be very tight now'.

08-08-2022 08:40 Last update: 08:57


Andretti Racing is eager to enter Formula 1, but is still encountering opposition from various organisations. Michael Andretti 's right-hand marketing director Jean-Francois Thormann says that time is running out. 

The Americans want to enter Formula 1 as soon as possible as the eleventh team on the grid. Andretti and his father Mario Andretti want to expand into Formula 1 with the team that is currently an IndyCar team, but are encountering opposition from F1 teams and Liberty Media. The Americans' plan is to be on the grid as early as 2024, but with each passing day without a commitment, that deadline seems harder to meet. 

Andretti nearing deadline for 2024 F1 participation

While the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche brands is waiting for a compromise on the 2026 engine regulations to enter F1, Andretti is hoping to be on the grid with its own team before then. Speedweek.com quotes Thormann: "We don't want to wait for the final version of the 2026 rules, we want to start earlier. But the plan for 2024 is getting very tight now. The deadline is very close." Thormann did not elaborate on the exact date of the deadline, but Speedweek expects a commitment from Formula One that needs to come in the autumn.

Andretti has everything ready but has not yet fully established the new F1 team. Only an official commitment will make it profitable for Andretti to take the next steps. If that takes much longer, there will be no time to have the team set up and a car developed before the 2024 season starts.

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