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Vettel battled with teammate: 'It was obviously pretty tense'

Vettel battled with teammate: 'It was obviously pretty tense'

6 August - 16:17 Last update: 16:51


Sebastian Vettel recently announced that he is entering his final season in Formula 1. With the 35-year-old German, an experienced driver who has earned his spurs with four world titles disappears from the motorsport class. Mark Webber experienced Vettel's successes at close quarters and therefore reminisces about them.

Between 2009 and 2013, both men were Red Bull Racing teammates. With the Austrian team also competing for the world title and Webber and Vettel evenly matched, the atmosphere within the team was often tense.

"We’re fine now. It was obviously pretty tense when you’re fighting for championships at the front together," Webber recalled in conversation with Formula1.com. "It always gets a bit strained – it’s easier to be team mates when you’re fighting for points but obviously, championships and wins is a bit more challenging."

Webber complimentary about Vettel

The former Formula 1 driver also says he has enjoyed Vettel's career. According to Webber Vettel has done a great job and brought the sport to a higher level. However, he believes it was a logical choice for him to leave Formula One.

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