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Which F1 team scores best after the first half of the season according to GPblog?

Which F1 team scores best after the first half of the season according to GPblog?

06-08-2022 13:18

Red Bull Racing is proud of its position at the top of the constructors' standings, ahead of Ferrari by almost a hundred points. After the average figures for the drivers it is now time to take stock of the constructors. This is the average score given to the Formula 1 teams by GPblog after the first thirteen races of 2022.

Red Bull - 8

Red Bull had a weak start to the season compared to Ferrari, but managed to rebound superbly with the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix as the highlight. In the first sprint weekend of the season Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez secured a staggering 58 points for their team by scoring well in both the sprint race and the main race, and as the icing on the cake finished the weekend with Red Bull's first double victory since 2016. Imola marked the first in a string of six wins in a row for the Austrian racing team, who now hold a comfortable lead in both championships.

Mercedes - 7.5

Given Mercedes' form early in the season, it's hard to imagine the Brackley-based team going into the summer break just thirty points behind Ferrari. With the W13, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were given a dragon of a car to drive, but its excellent reliability - combined with the fact that Mercedes still had an edge in the midfield - meant the team was ready to pick up the lost points from Red Bull and Ferrari time and time again. As a result, the German side managed to score quite a few podiums and hold on until the major issues of porpoising were resolved.

Alpine - 7.5

Alpine rose above all expectations going into the summer break as the fourth team in the championship, ahead of McLaren. The French team managed to score points in all Grands Prix except the sprint weekend in Imola. Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon challenge each other and regularly manage to penetrate the top five. For now, Alpine is considered the best of the rest.

McLaren - 7

Expectations were high for McLaren, especially since the team was embroiled in a battle for third place with Ferrari in 2021. However, the British stable started the season in disappointing fashion and proved to be further away than the team itself had hoped. In the last few races before the summer break, the Woking-based team had to settle for a paltry six or eight points, relying mainly on Lando Norris.

Ferrari - 6.5

Ferrari started the season strongly, but once the team started making mistakes there was no end in sight. After a couple of strong results at Silverstone and Spielberg, the Italian team seemed to be recovering from the setbacks, but nothing could be further from the truth. In the last two races before the summer break, things went wrong again, both strategically and in the cockpit of Charles Leclerc.

Alfa Romeo - 6.5

Alfa Romeo certainly did not disappoint in the first half of the season. Valtteri Bottas in particular came into his own with his new employer and the Finn regularly finished in the points. Since the British Grand Prix, however, the Swiss team has failed to do so.

Haas - 6

Haas also started the season strongly. The American team, previously used to occupying the last two positions on the grid, suddenly found itself well inside the top ten. However, a series of disappointing results for Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen followed, but the sprint weekend in Austria was another good one for Haas.

Aston Martin - 6

Aston Martin's ninth place finish is a far cry from last year's result. The team from Silverstone managed to score at least one point in the majority of the races, but more than once it stayed at that one point. Could the arrival of Fernando Alonso in 2023 be a turning point?

AlphaTauri - 5.5

AlphaTauri has also lost out to last year. Red Bull's sister team has only managed to score points in half of all races so far and has been completely pointless since the Canadian Grand Prix. The team is currently eighth in the championship and has yet to look over its shoulder at Aston Martin, to whom the gap is just seven points.

Williams - 5

After a difficult few years, things looked a little brighter for Williams in 2021. This year, however, the British team is once again lagging far behind the rest and, with a paltry three points, is currently stuck in last place.

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