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Coulthard warns Verstappen: 'Big gap, but the championship is not over yet'

Coulthard warns Verstappen: 'Big gap, but the championship is not over yet'

5 August - 12:30 Last update: 19:01

With nine races to go in the 2022 Formula One season, things are looking up for Max Verstappen, who enjoys an 80-point lead over title rival Charles Leclerc. However, David Coulthard warns that the battle for the championship is far from over.

Verstappen drove to an impressive win at the Hungaroring from tenth place and once again showed what made him so much of a sensation in his early F1 years: his overtaking. Coulthard calls the Hungarian Grand Prix a 'classic Max Verstappen race'. He says in conversation with

Coulthard warns: 'Championship not over yet'

"To overcome disappointments like a failed qualifying session, a spin and problems with the clutch in the race like that is just brilliant," the 51-year-old Scot said. Verstappen has won eight of the thirteen races in the first half of the season, compared to Leclerc's three wins. Partly due to Ferrari's mistakes and reliability problems, Verstappen's lead has now increased to 80 points, but Coulthard stresses that a lot can still happen after the summer break.

Red Bull Racing may also suffer some setbacks and Ferrari may be able to take advantage of them. "80 points is a lot, but Max will also have setbacks, have bad luck, have to change engines," the former F1 driver noted before adding, "This championship is not over yet."

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