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Verstappen distinguishes himself from the competition with behaviour

Verstappen distinguishes himself from the competition with behaviour

04-08-2022 18:13 Last update: 18:39


Max Verstappen looks like a satisfied driver to David Tremayne after winning his first world title. Although the Dutchman still demands the utmost from himself and the team, the pressure to win the world championship is off. It benefits his performance, the Formula 1 journalist writes on Formula1.com.

After last season's battle with Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull Racing's driver faced a battle with Charles Leclerc this year. Despite managing to secure a number of victories in the early stages of the season, Verstappen was able to fight back at lightning speed.

Relaxed Verstappen on his way to second world title

Between the fourth race in Imola and the ninth Grand Prix in Canada, Verstappen managed no fewer than five victories, giving him a considerable lead in the rankings. Verstappen also won the races in France and Hungary.

While things were far from calm at Red Bull, Verstappen managed to stay relaxed. "I sense that he is calmer this year because he has proved himself and won a title," Tremayne said. "He never has been one to get too carried away about such things."

The 2021 world title has a lot to do with that attitude of the Dutch driver, according to Tremayne. "He’s fulfilled. It shows, and it makes him an altogether better, more rounded driver – and one perfectly placed to pick up his second championship in a row."