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Wolff impressed with Verstappen: 'Made great strides in his overtakes'

Wolff impressed with Verstappen: 'Made great strides in his overtakes'

2 August - 10:50 Last update: 11:24

Max Verstappen 's grand comeback in the Hungarian Grand Prix caused a stir among friend and foe alike. Even Toto Wolff praised the performance of his rivals at Red Bull Racing, who finished by gambling on the perfect strategy as it turned out.

Wolff impressed with Red Bull and Verstappen

Verstappen had counted on damage limitation and said he hoped to get close to a podium finish at the Hungaroring. However, by calmly but deliberately driving to the front of the grid, he was able to secure victory, aided by a perfect strategy from his team.

That performance caused a stir, even among rival teams. Wolff, for example, has nothing but praise for both Verstappen's strong race and Red Bull Racing's 'brave strategy'. "Max made great strides with his early overtakes, which put him in a good situation. The initial undercut on Lewis was a very brave move, as it was not yet clear what would happen in the race. A positive performance on their part and a good execution," the Austrian is quoted by

Wolff also comments on the performance of Ferrari, who initially looked set to beat Mercedes in the race. "We knew Ferrari had more speed," he continues. "When Leclerc passed George, it seemed like we had to accept that they were just on a different level." Nevertheless, Mercedes managed to outsmart the Ferraris in the second stint and score a double podium for the second time in a row.

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