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Hannah Schmitz, the big woman behind Red Bull's winning strategy

Hannah Schmitz, the big woman behind Red Bull's winning strategy

01-08-2022 13:46 Last update: 15:21

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, there was much praise for Hannah Schmitz, one of Red Bull Racing's chief strategists. She was instrumental in Max Verstappen's victory - not for the first time.

Verstappen praised the strategist after his spectacular win at the Hungaroring. It is not the first time that Schmitz, who alternates her duties as chief strategist with Will Courtenay, has played a key role in Red Bull Racing's winning strategy. Verstappen commented on how cool she remains when making strategic choices, but meanwhile Schmitz is also buzzing with adrenaline. So she said in conversation with The Telegraph prior to the Hungarian GP.

Schmitz played major role in Verstappen win

The British explained that preparations for the Hungarian race started three weeks in advance, as there was very little time between the last races. "We look at the data from the races of the last three years at this circuit and everything we have collected this season. We can draw on billions of simulations, and I am not exaggerating," said Schmitz.

"We have to be prepared for anything," she continues. "And even then it's never black and white, so you have to be able to react to certain situations during a race." As chief strategist, she is also the one who makes the call to bring a driver in for a pit stop. Sometimes it is necessary to improvise, but Schmitz takes every possible scenario into account. "My job is to always know what to do. It can't come at the last minute, I need to have the plan already in my head."

She may appear extremely calm and collected, but even Schmitz has adrenaline coursing through her veins during a race. Her trick for dealing with that? Putting her hands together on the table and adopting a relaxed posture. She says it helps her to stay calm and make decisions without too much pressure.

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