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Ferrari criticises Mercedes: 'We did not ask for favours from the FIA'

Ferrari criticises Mercedes: 'We did not ask for favours from the FIA'

31 July - 13:41


Mercedes has managed to convince the FIA that a rule change is in order for 2023, but most of the Formula One teams disagree. For example, Piero Ferrari, the 77-year-old son of the great Enzo Ferrari, argues that the Italian racing team will oppose 'any form of instrumentalisation'.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has also previously commented on the issue. He is reported to have said that his team is prepared to lodge a protest against the changes. The FIA wants to make the changes for safety reasons and therefore does not need the agreement of the F1 teams, but the teams are sceptical about the suggestion that safety is at stake.

Ferrari: 'We did not ask for favours or shortcuts'

Ferrari could make things difficult for the FIA, given the veto power still held by the team. Piero Ferrari reiterated that the Italian team has no intention of letting go of the issue. "We will make our case. We will oppose any instrumentalisation," he said in conversation with Quotidiano Nazionale.

The Italian points out that Ferrari has also gone through a difficult time, but the team did not knock on the FIA's door to be helped out of trouble. "For years Ferrari had an engine deficit to Mercedes. We did not ask for favours or shortcuts. We lost with dignity, working in silence to make up for it. Our rivals should behave the same," Ferrari said.

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