Ferrari has updates ready between France and Hungary GPs

Ferrari has updates ready between France and Hungary GPs

18-07-2022 13:59 Last update: 15:07

Red Bull Racing will be at the French Grand Prix with a raft of updates, although it remains to be seen whether they will actually be introduced. Ferrari appear to be introducing a relatively large new package of improvements between the French GP and the weekend in Hungary. That is what the well informed

The updates from Ferrari are said to be on the aerodynamic load which should also further increase the efficiency of the F1-75. Especially the floor will be taken in hand again. How much time the updates should save is not known.

Ferrari is at least at or around the minimum weight of 798 kilograms. As far as that is concerned, Mattia Binotto's men have no more time to find ways of making the car lighter. Red Bull can still do that. The car of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez is, according to the latest reports, ten kilograms too heavy. The Austrians were around 803 kilograms for a while, but updates have added another five kilograms.

Ferrari and Red Bull very close

The French track should suit the RB18 better than Ferrari. A week later in Hungary, the Italians should have the edge based on the car's characteristics. Meanwhile, Red Bull are also expecting very strong Mercedes at Paul Ricard this weekend.