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Hamilton on Mercedes issues: 'We'll find out if our concept is wrong'

Hamilton on Mercedes issues: 'We'll find out if our concept is wrong'

15-07-2022 18:34 Last update: 23:20


Mercedes have not struggled as much since the introduction of the hybrid era as they have so far in 2022, but the German stable seems to have hit the ground running almost halfway through the season. Ahead of the British Grand Prix, where the team came out with a major update package, Lewis Hamilton spoke to Channel 4 about the difficult start to his season.

The team will have had to get used to the sudden disappointing performance after a long period of dominance, but Hamilton said he had little problem with it. "For me it doesn't feel that way, because my life hasn't always been like that. You just prioritize differently, you change your expectations and you readjust," he explained.

Hamilton: 'We've taken tons of time off the car'

"Ultimately, it's important for us to realize that we haven't done the best job," the Mercedes driver acknowledges. He adds that the team needs to stay on track and keep collecting data to try things until it finds something that works. "We just have to stay on course and keep on collecting data and trying things," the Briton continues.

Hamilton stressed that it was frustrating for the whole team as it was forced to make the W13 slower. "We've taken tons of time off the car that we couldn't utilize because of the bouncing," he states. In the meantime Mercedes seems to have finally solved that problem, but at the Austrian Grand Prix Hamilton and George Russell were still clearly short of time. Things looked better at Silverstone and that expectation is also there for the French Grand Prix, where the smooth tarmac should suit the W13 better.

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