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Hamilton took different approach with Leclerc: 'Didn't want to run you off'

Hamilton took different approach with Leclerc: 'Didn't want to run you off'

14-07-2022 17:59 Last update: 19:36


Lewis Hamilton may still believe he was not to blame for Max Verstappen's heavy crash at Silverstone 2021, but he did seem to be more aware in the similar duel with Charles Leclerc this year. This is evident from a comment heard in a YouTube video released by Ferrari.

The British Grand Prix saw a spectacular battle between Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, with Leclerc attempting to overtake on the outside of the infamous Copse Corner. Unlike last year, this time the fight ended well. Not only did Leclerc fear that things might go wrong, Hamilton also approached the corner differently this time.

Did Hamilton learn from Silverstone 2021 after all?

The video shows a clip of Hamilton and Leclerc talking during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend. In it, they revisit the previous week's battle and the Briton makes a striking statement: “I was like, ‘f*** man, I don’t want to clip you and send you off,'”, he tells the Monegasque.

After the race at Silverstone, Hamilton praised the Ferrari driver and stated that, unlike last year, he was dealing with a "sensible driver". However, given his recent comments it seems he may have learnt something from the incident after all.

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