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Human rights organisations take Piquet to Brazilian court

Human rights organisations take Piquet to Brazilian court

12-07-2022 08:42


A Brazilian judge has opened an investigation into Nelson Piquet's statements. Four human rights organisations are taking the former F1 driver to court, demanding 10 million Brazilian real.

Piquet came under fire before the British Grand Prix after statements made by him came to light. The Brazilian had used the N-word about Lewis Hamilton when describing the incident with Max Verstappen at Silverstone 2021. He was also alleged to have made homophobic remarks about Keke Rosberg.

Piquet under fire

Four human rights organisations have now taken Piquet to court and a Brazilian judge will also rule on the matter. The human rights organisations are demanding compensation of ten million Brazilian real (equivalent to 1.86 million euros) for the LGBTQ+ people.

Piquet has fifteen days to present his case, according to Sky Sports fifteen days to present his case to Judge Felipe Costa da Fonseca Gomes of the Distrito Federal court. Piquet did not respond to a question from The Associated Press about the charges.

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