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Marko: 'Volkswagen commitment not until autumn'

Marko: 'Volkswagen commitment not until autumn'

07-07-2022 18:07 Last update: 19:17


The Volkswagen Group has indicated its intention to enter Formula 1 with Porsche and Audi in 2026. Further announcements or confirmations have not yet come out because the engine regulations for that year are still not final. Red Bull Racing team advisor Dr Helmut Marko expects more clarity in the autumn.

The expected announcement is that Red Bull will partner with Porsche as its engine supplier from 2026. The race weekend in Austria, the Red Bull team's home ground, would be a good time to make the announcement. There just doesn't seem to be much to come out in the near future, as Volkswagen won't enter into a partnership until a final rulebook is on the table.

At the Austrian Sky Sports Marko talks about the progress being made in the discussion of the new regulations, "I only know that the VW Group will step in when the rules are set and that is not yet the case." This new set of rules should include a requirement for 100 per cent E-fuels, a budget cap for the engine, the abolition of MGU-H and it would generally move in a more sustainable direction. There is almost an agreement already, but Marko says: "Ferrari still wants some changes around the exhaust." Marko doesn't think there will be a plan in July. He says: "In the autumn it is realistic."

Red Bull to stay in Formula 1 for the long haul

With all the collaborations and long-term contracts Red Bull Racing has entered into (and is likely to enter into) in Formula 1, it seems F1 fans will be able to enjoy the team for a long time to come. Max Verstappen is signed to the team until at least 2028 and the Red Bull Ring, the circuit in Spielberg, will remain involved in F1 for a long time to come. Marko: "The Red Bull Ring is among the best-rated GPs because, as an event, it is simply the absolute best in terms of overall handling. Moreover, Red Bull supplies twenty per cent of the driver field." Although other circuits may have more money, the Austrian believes the Red Bull Ring has a strong place on the calendar: "The Red Bull Ring is not in danger."

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