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Spa-Francorchamps organisation denies losing Formula 1 race

Spa-Francorchamps organisation denies losing Formula 1 race

7 July - 11:23 Last update: 13:14


The organisation of Spa-Francorchamps states in conversation with DH Net that it believes nothing of the rumours that the Belgian Grand Prix will definitely disappear from the Formula 1 calendar as of 2023. Director Vanessa Maes told the Belgian media. 

Earlier this week it was revealed that the FIA had a draft calendar for the new racing year. Due to races in Qatar, Las Vegas, South Africa and China, some circuits would have to make room. It is reported that the Belgian and French GPs are the ones to lose out.

Maes reacts on the future of the Belgian GP 

According to Maes, this is not the case at the moment. The organisation is said to be in talks with the FIA about the future, which means the Belgian circuit is still in the race to be included in the programme in the new year.

"I would like to know the source," she explicitly let it be known when she heard the news. "I have made enquiries and have been assured by the FIA that there is no draft calendar circulating among the teams at the moment. It is all speculation."

Maes does not deny that the future of the annual Formula One race is under pressure. "There is a lot of discussion, that's for sure. We are at the end of our contract, as are Monaco and Le Castellet and we are still negotiating an extension."

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