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'Audi takes over Sauber in stages from 2023, name on car in 2026'

'Audi takes over Sauber in stages from 2023, name on car in 2026'

07-07-2022 09:49 Last update: 11:10


Audi will take over Alfa Romeo step by step over the next few years. That's what Joe Saward says in his blog after the Grand Prix of Great Britain. Only in 2026 will the name of the team will change. 

Volkswagen will enter Formula 1 from 2026, provided the new engine regulations meet the German brand's expectations. Porsche has long been linked with Red Bull Racing, but Audi also wants to enter F1. Audi would like to take over a team and play a much bigger role than Porsche wants in their potential cooperation with Red Bull.

Audi takes over Sauber

Saward said in his latest blog that there are rumours in the paddock that Audi wants to buy Sauber. This would involve a total of 75 percent, with the other 25 percent remaining in the hands of Finn Rausing. The total value is estimated at 600 million dollars, so Audi would have to pay 450 million dollars for the 75 percent share.

The sale would be spread over three years. In 2023, 2024 and 2025, 25 percent would be taken over by Audi each year. In 2026 the team name would only be changed to Audi, because the brand does not want to be in action before then with a Ferrari engine under a 'German chassis'. Until 2025 Ferrari remains the engine supplier of the team.

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