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'Verstappen is incredible and will win the title again'

'Verstappen is incredible and will win the title again'

6 July - 20:04 Last update: 6 July - 20:04


Max Verstappen, despite his seventh place at Silverstone, is no less than 34 points ahead of pursuer Sergio Perez. Charles Leclerc is even 43 points behind the Dutchman. Hans-Joachim Stuck reckons Verstappen will regain the world title.

Stuck was active in Formula 1 for several seasons between 1974 and 1979. The German still follows the motorsport class closely and has become a big fan of Verstappen, who he sees winning the world title this season, he said in an interview with Speedweek.com.

Indeed, according to Stuck, there is no driver whose car can compete with Verstappen in 2022. "This year I put Verstappen above the others. Max is incredible and will win the title again," Stuck said.

Stuck supports Mercedes in process

In conversation with the medium, the former Formula 1 driver also addressed the future of Mercedes. Whereas the German formation was one of the top teams in the sport for years, it is experiencing a difficult time this racing year.

It does not mean, however, that we will never see the team again among the top teams, Stuck says. He is convinced that the formation will fight back. "Mercedes will come back and be at the front again. Lewis Hamilton will definitely continue after this season. He is a racing beast. And he wants that eighth title."

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