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Dispute within Ferrari? 'They didn't want to celebrate Sainz's win'

Dispute within Ferrari? 'They didn't want to celebrate Sainz's win'

6 July - 10:03 Last update: 10:58


After six races without a victory, Carlos Sainz took a win for Ferrari at Silverstone. Although there was much to cheer about at the Italian team, not everyone was equally happy with this victory.

Sainz's win came after he did not listen to the team management. They asked to keep ten car lengths between himself and teammate Charles Leclerc to give the Monegasque a better chance of a podium and victory. Sainz would have none of it and immediately attacked his teammate at the restart, giving him the win.

Staff didn't want to party

Leclerc then had immediate pressure from Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez, with whom he battled for the remaining laps. He eventually finished fourth. Former Ferrari member Alberto Antonini says to FormulaPassion.it that some of the Ferrari staff did not want to celebrate at first.

"I have been told, and I trust the source, about a disconcerting incident that took place in the immediate aftermath of the race at Silverstone at the winners' table. Some of the Ferrari staff reportedly refused, at least initially, to attend the podium ceremony and photographs," said the former press chief.

Leclerc versus Sainz

This would probably be Leclerc's mechanics, who saw their man lose the win at Silverstone. Antonini understands that every technician supports 'his' driver, but thinks that the team interest is more important than that.

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