Verstappen on relationship with Horner: 'I enjoy working with Christian'
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Verstappen on relationship with Horner: 'I enjoy working with Christian'

5 July - 18:01 Last update: 21:37

Red Bull Racing love Max Verstappen and they love him back. Helmut Marko, Christian Horner and Max Verstappen are a trinity and get on extremely well together. The reigning World Champion spoke to Channel 4 on Marko and his good relationship with team boss Horner.

Horner very involved

When asked by David Coulthard if the fact that Horner has also raced contributes to the relationship, Verstappen said: "I think so. I think also for the whole team it's very positive. He understands our point of view [as drivers] and he is a great motivator within the team. He is there for anyone. If they have issues or something like that, he always talks to them or at least he makes sure everyone is feeling good."

Verstappen believes the 48-year-old Brit is a great talker. "I think that's very important as a team boss," said the Dutchman, who has worked with Horner for seven years.

"I get on really well with him, of course I've known him for a quite a few years. We've had a lot of good moments, and of course a few little bad moments, but that's part of a relationship in general. It's really enjoyable to work with Christian."

Jos Verstappen also indicated earlier that Red Bull is actually written for the Verstappens. The top men at the Austrian racing team are straightforward and both sides say what they think. That openness has already done Red Bull and Verstappen a lot of good.

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