Schumacher could not pass Verstappen: Max is merciless in that respect

Schumacher could not pass Verstappen: "Max is merciless in that respect"

5 July - 14:52 Last update: 16:33

Max Verstappen does not give gifts, even when he is in seventh position in a Grand Prix. Mick Schumacher experienced this during the British GP. The Haas F1-driver was faster than Verstappen, but could not pass him in the final stage. Still, he can count on the compliments of Timo Glock.

Schumacher has had almost a season and a half in Formula 1, but until last weekend he failed to score any points. That the young German was unable to do so in 2021 is not surprising, but this season he has had a few occasions when his car was good enough for the top-ten. Own mistakes combined with reliability problems and some bad luck, however, prevented that.

Schumacher finished eighth in Britain. "I even had goose bumps at times during the two or three laps with Verstappen just before the end. Mick did that very cleverly too. He kept checking if there was a chance, didn't do anything rash, but tried again aggressively at the end. Max is merciless in that respect. Mick pulled out at the right moment and got the points, which were important not only for him but also for the team," Glock said.

Schumacher can keep up the pace

The former Formula One driver was present at Silverstone and saw that everyone was happy for Schumacher to get his first points. "The whole paddock was happy for him because it had been going on for far too long. I think this can give him a boost. And the good thing is that now, with the Austrian Grand Prix, there is another race weekend coming up soon where he can build on this strong performance. I am very happy for him," Glock wrote in his column for Sky.

Schumacher still needs a lot of points to catch up with teammate Kevin Magnussen in the World Championship. The Dane is twelfth in the World Championship with sixteen points, while Schumacher scored his first four points of 2022 thanks to his fourth place at Silverstone.

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