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Relief is huge for Schumacher family after first points for Mick

Relief is huge for Schumacher family after first points for Mick

4 July - 10:58 Last update: 11:22


Mick Schumacher finally scored his first points in Formula 1 at the British Grand Prix. The relief was great for Mick, but also for his mother and sister.

That Schumacher scored no points in 2021 with the Haas car was no great surprise. The American car was barely developed and the focus was on 2022. In that season it was supposed to happen, but so far it was Kevin Magnussen and not Schumacher who stole the show at Haas. It put a lot of pressure on the young driver's shoulders.

Pressure off Schumacher's shoulders

In the tenth race of the 2022 F1 season, Schumacher finally scored points. Thanks in part to six retirements, Schumacher climbed to eighth place and even had a brief glimpse of Max Verstappen's seventh place. He celebrated grandly after the race.

The relief was also visible in Mick's family. His sister Gina posted a video on Instagram in which she disrupted his interview with the German branch of Sky Sports by spraying champagne. The mood was also upbeat in the garage, where mother Corinna was hugged by all the mechanics. One wonders how big a podium or victory will be celebrated.

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