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Leclerc's attitude not good for Ferrari: There is no point in pushing.

Leclerc's attitude not good for Ferrari: "There is no point in pushing".

4 July - 09:32 Last update: 09:54


Jacques Villeneuve does not understand the strategic choices of Ferrari, but in his column for Formule1.nl Villeneuve is also critical on Charles Leclerc. He behaves like a leader, but according to the Canadian he is not one yet.

Ferrari were once again in the doldrums at Silverstone. The team got the simplest strategic decisions wrong or not at all under pressure, mainly putting Leclerc at a disadvantage. The Monegasque seemed to be the best in the race despite damage to his front wing, but the team kept him out on old hard tyres during the safety car.

Criticism of Leclerc

Villeneuve understands little of Ferrari's choices, but is also critical of Leclerc. According to the 1997 world champion, Leclerc needs to work on his communication and not keep banging on about it. ''Leclerc spoke as if he has already been declared the definitive frontrunner and he is not. It is still too early for that'', Villeneuve argues.

Villeneuve is referring to earlier stages of the race, where Leclerc kept asking if the team could not do something for him. Ferrari, meanwhile, had already told Sainz to push, so nothing more could be done. ''Pushing on is no use, everything is broadcast and that's not good for Ferrari either'', concludes the former F1 driver.

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