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Praise for Verstappen: 'How often do you see that?

Praise for Verstappen: 'How often do you see that?

4 July - 07:06


Peter Windsor is impressed with Max Verstappen after the British Grand Prix. In a new video on his YouTube channel he pays compliments to the Dutchman.

Aggressive choice by Red Bull

The Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone looked set to be a triumph for Verstappen. The Dutchman was able to put pressure on Carlos Sainz early in the race and took the lead before the first pit stops. However, things went wrong for the Red Bull Racing driver, as a piece of carbon destroyed the bottom of his car.

Windsor, in his new video, praises Red Bull's choice to start Verstappen on the soft tyre initially, calling it the coolest action of the weekend. In doing so he passed Sainz, but due to the red flag he had to start from P2 again. Windsor doesn't understand why Red Bull opted for the medium tyre afterwards.

Bad luck for Verstappen

Despite a poor start at the second attempt, Verstappen took the lead. "How often do you see that the number two forces the race leader into a mistake? That is really the merit of Verstappen,'' said the former Williams team manager.

However, Verstappen soon lost the lead again because of a piece of carbon. It damaged the entire floor and with it Verstappen had to survive the race. He finished seventh and according to Windsor that is still a good performance. Without damage it would have been an easy win for the reigning world champion.

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