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Russell realistic: 'At the end of the season it won't help me'

Russell realistic: 'At the end of the season it won't help me'

3 July - 09:21 Last update: 10:07


George Russell has already completed nine Grands Prix with Mercedes this season. The Briton has managed to finish in the top five in every race. Although he is satisfied with the result, it does not do much for Russell. He let it be known in conversation with the NOS.

While many expected Russell to need a period to settle down with Mercedes at the start of the season, he is currently doing better than his teammate Lewis Hamilton. He has also provided the necessary points for his team with podiums in Australia, Spain, and Azerbaijan.

He is also maintaining his top-five ranking. "It's a nice little statistic", the driver responds. "It feels good and I don't think it could have been much better, but at the end of the season it doesn't help me. Unless it leads to the title, but that's not going to happen this year."

Russell realistic about chances of world title

Russell seems to realise that a fight for the world title this season is out of reach. The Briton himself is fourth in the world championship with 111 points, while frontrunner Max Verstappen has 64 points more. Hamilton is even on 77 points.

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