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Weather Update | It's drizzling in Silverstone, drivers are on slicks

Weather Update | It's drizzling in Silverstone, drivers are on slicks

3 July - 08:25 Last update: 14:31


The Formula One drivers had to deal with heavy rainfall on the track during qualifying. It made for tricky conditions with Carlos Sainz eventually winning the race. According to Weather.com it will not be completely dry on Sunday either. 

It is reported that the first showers will be seen at Silverstone from 1pm onwards. Two hours later, the chance of rain is still high, so the drivers will probably have to try to get a good start at Silverstone in wet conditions. 

Then it seems to get drier. An hour later, the chance of rain is significantly reduced, so it will be interesting to see what strategy the teams will adopt. This could make the difference for victory in England on Sunday afternoon. 

Rain at Silverstone makes qualifying a tough affair

Despite the bad weather, there were no red flags along the track during qualifying. Especially in the final stages, the spectators at the sidelines saw a lot of tension on the track, with Fernando Alonso also appearing to be in contention for the front places. However, he came up short in P7, with Lewis Hamiton and Lando Norris setting faster times than the Red Bull Racing and Ferrari drivers.

Update I | It is drizzling at Silverstone

The drivers are getting ready for the start at Silverstone. During the installation laps, all drivers are on slicks. It is drizzling on the track, but there is no heavy rain yet. However, there are dark clouds visible from the track and the radar shows a small shower approaching the circuit. So it looks like we are going to see more rain drops after the start.

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