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Hamilton gives in to FIA and avoids fine

Hamilton gives in to FIA and avoids fine

2 July - 10:35 Last update: 11:08


Lewis Hamilton no longer has to worry about being punished for breaking the rules on wearing jewellery and piercings. The Mercedes driver had previously said he would drive as normal with his piercings on, but it seems he is giving in after all.

Hamilton gives in to FIA

At Silverstone, Niels Wittich's Event Notes revealed that there would no longer be an exemption for wearing jewellery and piercings, so Hamilton was potentially facing a fine. As he indicated that his piercings could not be easily removed, he was given until the end of June to change this.

It looks like the Briton has given in after all, because prior to Friday's practice sessions he was seen without his nose piercing. This puts an end to the lengthy discussion between the FIA and Hamilton after the new race direction indicated it would enforce the existing rule.

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