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Perez explains problems at Silverstone: 'We have that suspicion'

Perez explains problems at Silverstone: 'We have that suspicion'

1 July - 18:52 Last update: 21:29


Sergio Perez experienced a messy first day of racing in England. While his team opted to keep the Mexican inside in the first free practice session due to heavy rain, his drive a few hours later was good for the seventh time. In Red Bull Racing's press release Perez states that things need to improve quickly.

The Austrian racing team hoped that it could take the good form from Canada with it. For now, however, the car's performance is not up to scratch. Max Verstappen managed a fourth time, but Perez came six-tenths short of his teammate. However, there seems to be a logical explanation.

"We suspect the issues are related to the aerodynamics but I can’t go into too much detail until I see the data properly and then we need to understand the problems," Perez explained. "Because of that, we had a very short long run and then impacted running at the end of the session too."

Perez exudes confidence towards Red Bull

It ensures that Red Bull must work over the next few hours to resolve the issues so that Perez can set a good qualifying time on Saturday in Britain. In doing so, Verstappen and Perez's team hope to start ahead of Ferrari on Sunday.

Perez is confident in his team, either way, he said. "It will be difficult to catch up, but we have done it before and as long as we are able to get things in the right place we should be good."

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