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Wolff points to other teams: 'Everyone is hiding'

Wolff points to other teams: 'Everyone is hiding'

1 July - 18:31


Toto Wolff reflected on the racism that still exists in the world during the British Grand Prix. Where he and Mercedes try to support Lewis Hamilton in his fight, he sees that other racing teams fail to do so. He says this in conversation with The Race.

Last week, Nelson Piquet s name was in the news several times. Because of alleged racist remarks towards Hamilton, he was even told that he would no longer be allowed in the paddock of Formula 1, by which the motorsport class wanted to make a statement.

Wolff is critical of other teams

Many teams reacted strongly to Piquet's remarks, but according to Wolff that is not enough. The Austrian team boss believes that words alone are not enough and is therefore asking the formations to make a financial contribution in order to eliminate the problem.

"We are in a sport that generates billions of dollars of revenue and hundreds of millions of revenue for each of the teams. The drivers are millionaires, and everybody’s, like, hiding away. When we should be role models and saying we are actually really doing something rather than saying ‘we are working on it, and yes, we are against discrimination and we are against racism'," Wolff stated in the interview. 

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