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Verstappen knows where he stands: Not ideal, but not a big issue

Verstappen knows where he stands: "Not ideal, but not a big issue"

1 July - 17:44


Max Verstappen did not have a problem-free Friday at Silverstone. The first free practice was completely disrupted by rain and then the Dutchman had a problem in FP2. After the second free practice, Verstappen reported that there was no reason for concern.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Verstappen says that missing FP2 made the next practice session a lot trickier, as the build-up normally done in the first free practice was not possible today. "FP2 becomes a lot more guesswork then," explains the Red Bull Racing driver. "Not ideal, but not a big issue."

Verstappen knows where he stands

Despite the small problem that kept him in the pits a little longer than planned during FP2, Verstappen knows where things stand. "We know what to work on so that's what we'll do overnight," continued the 24-year-old Dutchman, who expects changed conditions again on Saturday due to the predicted rain showers.

A challenge may lie in tyre degradation, with Verstappen noting that the soft compound was deteriorating rapidly. That Ferrari led the pace with Carlos Sainz is no surprise, as: "Ferrari is fast every weekend," says the championship leader. However, the Italian team will be hoping it has dealt with the tyre degradation it suffered earlier in the season.

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