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Repairs to Verstappen's RB18 after damage to new floor

Repairs to Verstappen's RB18 after damage to new floor

1 July - 16:31 Last update: 17:08


The second free practice session for the British Grand Prix was barely underway when Max Verstappen reported on the radio with 'strange noises' coming from his RB18. Initially, there seemed little to worry about, but back in the pits repairs were required.

Floor damaged by Verstappen

During the Sky Sports live broadcast, they decided to take a look at the Red Bull garage, where the mechanics were busy working on Verstappen's RB18. Once there, the Dutchman's instincts were confirmed: there was damage to the floor of his car that needed to be repaired.

Adrian Newey also came to take a look at Verstappen's car. That visit seems to have a good reason: Verstappen is driving with a new floor at Silverstone. The floor is part of Red Bull Racing's major upgrade package, but it seems Sergio Perez will have to wait a little longer for the new part.

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