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Red Bull warned: 'I think Horner is right'

Red Bull warned: 'I think Horner is right'

1 July - 10:25 Last update: 11:09


Red Bull Racing will again be working hard to secure victory at the British Grand Prix, with Ferrari once again the main rival. However, David Croft believes there is another team that could start the race weekend strongly, he told Sky Sports.

The commentator is impressed with the developments at Mercedes. The team started the season with disappointing results due to problems with porpoising, but they seem to be getting the hang of it. It would not surprise Croft if Mercedes can match the performance of Red Bull and Ferrari.

"I'll make a bold prediction and say Lewis Hamilton is going to break a record," he says. "Not necessarily the record for most wins at a single circuit - although that's not to say he can't - but I expect to see him on the podium, and therefore breaking the record for most podiums at a single event."

Red Bull stays sharp for competition

Red Bull is in excellent form. Whereas Ferrari took victory at the third GP in Australia, it has been the Austrian team that has pulled ahead ever since. In Monaco, Sergio Perez took first place, while on other occasions it was Max Verstappen who took the win.

However, the team has repeatedly stated that it expects to face competition. Croft thinks it is good that Red Bull is taking that into account. "I think Christian Horner is right to say Red Bull are wary of those around them," he stressed.

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