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Red Bull is supported by former F1 driver: That would be unfair

Red Bull is supported by former F1 driver: "That would be unfair"

1 July - 08:54 Last update: 11:07

When the FIA announced measures against porpoising prior to the Canadian Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing was very critical. Christian Horner, Helmut Marko and also Max Verstappen find it strange that during the season the rules are changed. They are now supported by Karun Chandhok.

Although the measures introduced are more likely to help Red Bull and disadvantage Mercedes, the Red Bull camp believes it is a question of principle. The Austrian formation is not at all keen on changes to the regulations. Red Bull argues that they are then 'punished' for the good work they have done, while the competition has simply 'failed.'

Chandhok agrees to Express Sport Chandhok agrees with the report that the health of the drivers is affected by the bouncing around. However, he believes the solution is in the hands of the teams themselves to raise the car's height, even if it means losing hundreds or tenths of a second. Intervention by the FIA is not appropriate, according to the former Formula One driver.

Support for Red Bull

"Red Bull must be applauded for the job they’ve done with their car. They’ve done an outstanding job. It’s the fastest car on the grid, it doesn’t suffer with the bouncing and they’ve done a great job. Christian obviously doesn’t want to give that advantage away." Chandhok said. "I think it’d be wrong for the FIA to make any changes during the season – that’d be unfair to the people who have done a good job."

The F1 analyst believes the drivers should ultimately make the decision on whether or not something should be done about the porpoising. "I think what the drivers should collectively do is get themselves together, and they won’t do this publicly, and come up with a consolidated view on whether they want something to be done about the bouncing.The FIA can then discuss with the teams and say, ‘right, what can be done for next season is…’. Then, they should make a decision early. Don’t make a decision at the end of the year, it needs to be made now."

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