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FIA sets date for porpoising rules, decides on metric used

FIA sets date for porpoising rules, decides on metric used

30 June - 18:24 Last update: 19:29


After suddenly coming up with a new technical guideline to combat porpoising prior to the Canadian Grand Prix, the FIA has now decided on the effective date of the measure. A decision has also been made on the measurement of the amount of porpoising allowed, as this may be different for each team.

FIA marks date on porpoising rules

After persistent complaints, particularly from the Mercedes drivers, the FIA decided to intervene by imposing restrictions on the teams. Soon the cars will be allowed to show only a limited amount of porpoising, otherwise penalties may follow. Meanwhile, the FIA has established a metric that determines how much a car is allowed to bounce, as the effect of porpoising can be different for each car.

The metric will not come into effect immediately, but will come into effect during the French Grand Prix in the weekend of 22-24 July. This will give teams two race weekends to adapt their cars and prepare for the new directive. If a car does not meet the maximum allowed amount of porpoising, the team will be obliged to adjust the ride height. If that proves inadequate, disqualification may follow.

During the Canadian Grand Prix, the FIA took the first measurements. "The FIA's analysis of vertical oscillation data has concluded, and we have defined a metric by which to monitor this," the governing body explained according to BBC. It also includes new limits on the wear of the base plate and on the stiffness of the titanium brake plates on the underside of the cars. "These changes are necessary in order to provide a level playing field between the teams when the metric is implemented," the FIA said.

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