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Alonso knows Alpine's potential: 'Lack of success is the problem'

Alonso knows Alpine's potential: 'Lack of success is the problem'

30 June - 13:49 Last update: 15:26


Alpine has been consistently at the top of the midfield, especially in qualifying, but Fernando Alonso believes there is much more potential in the car. Reliability problems and safety cars threw a spanner in the works during the first nine races of the season.

Lots of bad luck for Alpine

Alonso hoped to have more than eighteen points after nine races. The A522 is constantly at the top of the midfield, but the team does not really score many points yet. "So far we have been dealing with a lack of success," Alonso is quoted as saying by NextGen-Auto.com.

"There were so many racing events that didn't work in our favour," Alonso is referring to reliability issues and poorly timed safety cars. Alonso is confident that the full potential of the already fast A522 will be achieved, as the employees of the French team continue to work hard behind the scenes.

Battle with McLaren

"There is still a lot to come and we have already seen that the potential," concludes Alonso. Alpine hopes to close the gap with constructors rival McLaren as soon as possible. The gap between the two teams is currently just eight points.

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