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Wolff enjoys controversy: 'Then I set the wrong priorities'

Wolff enjoys controversy: 'Then I set the wrong priorities'

30 June - 11:44 Last update: 13:09


Toto Wolff was in the news during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend because of an outburst at a meeting for team bosses. In Kronen Zeitung he recalls the incident and says that this kind of thing is part of Formula 1.

Wolff is reported to have had a major disagreement with Ferrari 's Mattia Binottoduring a porpoising debate in Canada. Despite some "poisonous arrows" being aimed at Wolff, he says he has not experienced any problems with the other team bosses.

Part of F1

"It's part of the job, everyone fights for his cause," says the 50-year-old Austrian. According to Wolff, things are always changing in Formula 1, so teams can generate certain benefits for themselves. Asked if Wolff still has a problem with the arrows aimed at him, he is also quite clear with his assessment. "No, they are not arrows, they would hurt," he said.

"They're more like 'Nerf guns' with foam cartridges. If I get rushed by statements from other teams, then I am setting wrong priorities," Wolff continued. The Mercedes team boss says that after years of experience in Formula 1 he is used to it and enjoys the controversy.

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