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Montoya sees advantage Red Bull: 'Head and shoulders ahead of Ferrari'
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Montoya sees advantage Red Bull: 'Head and shoulders ahead of Ferrari'

29 June - 18:49 Last update: 20:38


The combination of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing seems to be invincible lately. The team has won six races in a row, five of which have seen Verstappen climb to the top of the podium. Juan-Pablo Montoya believes that momentum is an important factor in Verstappen's current favouritism.

The strong results of late are a stark contrast to the start of the season, in which the RB18 regularly struggled with reliability issues. Montoya points out that Verstappen was by no means always the fastest driver at the weekend, but he is nevertheless often the fastest on Sunday.

Montoya points out Red Bull's advantage

He also stressed that Red Bull Racing are on top of things strategically. "When he [Verstappen] didn't win, his teammate won," the Colombian said in conversation with VegasInsider.com. "At Ferrari, only Charles has won."

According to Montoya, Red Bull Racing has an advantage over the Italian team in terms of mentality. "Their (Red Bull) mindset, everything is right," he continues. At the same time, Ferrari has lost a few good opportunities, such as in Monaco: "Red Bull on strategy right now, it's head and shoulders ahead of Ferrari."

The battle with Mercedes in 2021 has put Red Bull Racing on edge, the former Formula One driver believes. He stresses that the team has regularly had to outwit its rivals to secure victory and therefore dares to make bold or even 'aggressive' strategic choices. "Ferrari, they've been off the pace for so long that right now when they're winning, they're like - 'let's not touch anything, let's not screw up,'" Montoya said.

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